Sea3 – The most complete carbon based product on the market

Did you know that ocean water is the perfect fertilizer? Find the importance in using the power of seawater to grow more resilient plants this summer. Dive in and learn all about Sea3!

Eliminate Worm Casts with Sea3

Sea3 is a unique carbon-based liquid soil amendment formulated from three distinctive sea based nutrient sources: fish meal, kelp meal, and sea water extracts. These are combined with a proprietary blend of humic acids and worm compost extracts. Our analytical reports show this product contains over 25 amino acids and 75 minerals. More and more, Sea3 users report that above-ground worm activity in the spring and fall seasons has abated since adding Sea3 to their spray applications.

Ocean Water: The ocean water goes through a proprietary process to remove most of the sodium. This leaves behind dozens of important trace elements and carbon, all of which are found in the sea. These mineral and carbon compounds are all highly available to both soil microbes and the plant.

Soluble North Atlantic Kelp: Seaweed is a treasure trove of minerals and plant growth support agents that stimulate plant vigor and help with heat stress management. Kelp is one of the best ways to feed microbial populations with available carbon to keep their populations active.

North Atlantic Fish Emulsion: The fish emulsion originates from nutrient rich whole fish and is processed through an enzymatic digestion. The emulsion is loaded with macro and micro-nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Program Highlight

Sea3 Program Highlight

Sea3 can be used as a monthly spray on golf courses, athletic fields and lawn care environments at rates as low as 1 gallon per acre. Sea3 can be tank mixed effectively with fertilizers improving the carbon to nitrogen ratio of the spray. Higher rates and frequencies of sprays can be made if needed.

In landscape applications use 3-5 ounces in 2 gallons of water drenched evenly over the plants and into the soil every two weeks or as often as needed. For newly established plant material use the higher rates and increase frequency of applications.

Sea3 can be a wonderful carbon addition to any good soil management program where feeding microbial populations is important. When soil microbial populations increase, humus levels can increase helping to hold moisture and flocculate tight soils. This can provide a better environment for future microbial populations and an improved growing environment for any plant material.