Spring up with EarthWorks Foliars+ powered by BioCharge

The EarthWorks Foliars+ liquid line was formulated to mimic nature by one of the most respected experts in the field of sustainable agriculture and foliar and soil nutrition – Jerry Brunetti. It took years of research and formulation trials to achieve the level of success we have today. This is why three of our products can outperform programs that include many more products. This efficiency leads to fewer products that last longer, saving you time and money!

EarthWorks Foliars+ BioCharge

“What is EarthWorks Foliars+ powered by BioCharge?”
Simply Effective!

Comprehensive liquid fertility that feeds the soil and the plant in one spray.

BioCharge is a new branding description for the base of all the EarthWorks Foliars+ products:

  • Creates a sustainable soil environment.
  • Improves turf playing conditions.
  • Provides a powerful foliar feed.

How are EarthWorks Foliars+ different than other similar foliar and liquid fertility products?

EarthWorks Foliars+ liquids powered by BioCharge:

  • Offer complete fertility and are the most complete biologicals in the market.
  • Include a very diverse package of carbon and minerals designed to feed microbial populations.
  • Provide the plant with a host of needed nutrients: kelp and fish meal, worm tea, sea water extracts that bring a host of minerals and biologicals to the soil, fermentation solids that feed microbes, surfactants to move all this into the soil and the most complex proprietary blend of humic and fulvic acids.
  • Contain over 75 minerals and 25 amino acids

EarthWorks is the only company in the turf and ornamental industry that has proven the quality of their humic acids by being reviewed and approved by the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) a logo we now proudly display on all of our Foliars+ labels.

The EW Podcast with Lawrence Mayhew - EarthWorks Foliars+ BioCharge

How do EarthWorks Foliars+ liquids work?
On a recent podcast, Lawrence Mayhew explains the importance of the carbon and mineral inputs you will find in all of the EarthWorks products. Be sure to share this with your clients!This podcast is best watched, because Lawrence enhances the information with the use of great graphics, charts, and quotes. His enthusiasm is infectious!

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