Foliars+ 555 Foliar Program

This application gives roughly 0.1 lbs. of N along with ample amounts of P, K, and Ca. The 555 foliar program includes a host of micronutrients and all of the carbon cofactors needed to stimulate microbial populations, which helps with the mobility of these nutrients and ones tied up in the soil. Based on soil tests, substitutions or additions with other EarthWorks Foliars+ Liquids like MagVantage can also be used to achieve great results.

We know you’ve got choices when it comes to Foliar Programs, but we’re so confident in our products that we back them up with the following guarantee: Commit to our EarthWorks carbon based Foliars + Foliar Program powered by BioCharge for 90 days on 9 holes and compare it to your current program. We know you’ll see the difference in turf performance and the applications will last 2 weeks without ‘running out of gas.’

Application Rates:

Trilogy 1-5-5
5 oz/1000

5 oz/1000

Applied every 2 weeks - this is a simple (1 case of each on greens) and cost effective program that has proven results. Add 3-5 oz/1000 of BioVantage when temperatures consistently reach 75°F.

Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Proven Results.