Dryject & Earthworks

Combine the power and effectiveness of two Industry Leaders

EarthWorks aerification and recovery amendments are expertly formulated to bolster sand topdressing with what it’s missing: minerals, carbon, biology, and holding capacity. All this without sacrificing the porosity gained from sand.

There is no better tool for getting EarthWorks in the ground. DryJect puts these amendments exactly where they belong with less labor!

Do you have problem areas around your golf course or sports field? Use this process to turnaround weak areas around the property:

  • greens/tees
  • pinch points where turf is thin from mechanical damage
  • isolated dry spots
  • slopes and ridges prone to wilt
  • cart path entries/exits
  • walk-on/walk-offs
  • goal mouths
  • between the hash marks
  • center of field
  • on deck circles
  • fielder positions

“In May of 2017, we decided to DryJect our greens with a blend of our greens construction sand and EarthWorks Renovate Plus and EarthWorks Myco-Replensish 3-3-3. We had the EarthWorks products shipped directly to our sand supplier's blending plant where they blended the products to our specifications and then bagged the material in 50 pound bags. The material ran through the DryJect machines with no issues, and we were able to put the EarthWorks materials directly into the soil where it works best. We plan to continue this process in the future and expect the same great results each time.”

Certified Golf Course Superintendent
East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia