Organic Based Fertilizers for Sports Turf

Partnering with you to:

  • Recover from physical pressure of over play
  • Open up tight soils
  • Improve water movement through the soil

Sports turf management is all about managing the physical pressures of the soil. Recovery is the focus. When a field could have hundreds, if not thousands, of feet running over it in any given week, having a soil that can breathe is imperative. Under these conditions understanding soil chemistry and how it can affect soil physics, is important. When soils are continually compacted from over play, air and water do not move through the soil profile effectively and the soil biology suffers. EarthWorks agronomists focus on Biological Soil Management: balancing the soil chemistry and feeding the soil biology. This starts with a complete soil audit, through our partners at Logan Labs, and a program of carbon based fertility that helps to proliferate soil biology. This breaks down thatch, flocculates tight soils allowing them to breathe, and lets water move through more effectively.  When soil biology is working for you, recovery is emphasized. The carbon based fertility products in the EarthWorks line completely support recovery from the point of establishment through the toughest of seasons.

Organic Based Fertilizers for Sports Turf
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Organic Based Fertilizer Programs Designed for Sports Turf

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