Available Potassium using Eco-Adaptive Technology

  1. Provides multiple forms of potassium using Eco-Adaptive Technology to balance all elements for maximum nutrient uptake.
  2. Helps to manage water uptake by slowing down sodium absorption which can dehydrate a plant forcing it to
    utilize more water.
  3. The carbon base, BioCharge, helps to ensure that microbes are involved quickly in the uptake of potassium. This process stimulates a strong biological profile in the root zone.
  4. Potassium is essential to all plant growth and is associated with the movement of water, nutrients, and carbohydrates in plant tissue.
  5. Fights against sodium uptake and sodium induced wilt stress on turf and ornamentals.

KVantage is the first EarthWorks product to be formulated with Eco-Adaptive Technology. This new formulation process balances the ratios between the elements in the product. Now one nutrient cannot overpower another restricting its ability to be taken up by the plant. This ensures maximum potential nutrient uptake reducing the potential for plant stress and disease.

KVantage can fight off sodium uptake reducing the plant’s need for water and slowing down sodium induced wilt stress. When the K:Na ratio becomes sodium heavy, sodium can flush into the plant causing wilt stress and forcing the plant to draw in more water. KVantage will fight this sodium flush and will save water in all soil types as well as improve carbohydrate movement within the plant tissues.

KVantage is powered by BioCharge which significantly helps the multiple forms of potassium to move into the plant ahead of sodium. Multiple forms of potassium help ensure maximum potential nutrient uptake. This formula consists of potassium formate, potassium bicarbonate and potassium acetate, over 20 amino acids and over 70 traces elements. When these elements are blended using Eco-Adaptive Technology and the microbial foods of BioCharge, maximum nutrient uptake is achieved.



Greens and Tees: 3-5 oz per 1000 sq. ft. every two weeks. Use the higher rates when dealing with high sodium conditions. Splitting the rates in half and Increasing frequency to every week on low CEC sand-based soils is helpful.

Sodium Flushing: Applying 5-10 oz per 1000 sq. ft. immediately after a sodium flush will help ensure that potassium replaces sodium on the soil colloid.

Fairways: 2 oz per acre per month or as needed.

Sports Fields: 2-4 oz per acre once per month or as needed increasing rates in high sodic soils.

Ornamentals: 1-3 oz in 2 gallons of water drenched around the base of the plant material.

Available in a 2 x 2.5-gallon box and 55-gallon drums