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Today’s school grounds are so much more than flower beds and grassy knolls. Good horticulture on a school campus is a significant recruiting tool and can elevate the status of any institution. Grounds & Schools Turf Management is a very complex proposition as it includes: grass covered commons, flower beds, landscape and sports fields. Carbon based fertility and Biological Soil Management not only can help with grass areas but all the landscapes, hanging pots and flower beds. By building a healthier soil you help the soil to hold water which helps with recovery of wear and tear areas across campus. Although Biological Soil Management is so much more than using “organics” in a school environment the value of marketing an organic based landscape has proven to be very helpful on many campuses. Using the concepts of Biological Soil Management, as outlined here, and the support of over 15,000 clients soil tests from Logan Labs we have been able to solve some of the most frustrating agronomic problems. In the process we have significantly reduced fertility and other inputs while building better soil drainage and a more suitable soil for the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms.

EarthWorks fertilizer for grounds & schools include:

EarthWorks Foilars+ line of liquid fertilizers can provide both the carbon microbes need and the fertilizer that plants need in one spray program.

To provide more volume and sustainability in the soil our Replenish line is rich in fertility, long lasting minerals to feed the plant and multiple carbon sources to feed microbes and to keep soils healthy.

Our aerification and construction amendments provide quick recovery and establishment for any project providing a quick return on investment.

Kevin Mercer Uses Earthworks Organic Fertilizer

"It’s my job to provide the best grounds possible, meeting the initiatives and schedules of the University while also being a steward to the environment.”

~ Kevin Mercer, Denison University

Call any of our industry experienced agronomists for ideas on how to use our Fertilizer for Grounds & Schools to build healthy soils. Enjoy spending more time with your family instead of chasing  problems on your grounds or campus.

Grounds Manager using Earthworks Organic Fertilizer

Our grounds managers:

  • Understand that first impressions are made on property grounds
  • Achieve long-term results by quantifying water, fertilizer, and pesticide reductions
  • Demonstrate that beautiful grounds can be environmentally conscious

Amend, Establish, Recover

Renovate Plus
Mineral, Biology, Porosity

Porosity, holding capacity

MycoReplenish 3-3-3
Mycorrhizae establishment and recovery

Maintenance NPK and CARBON!

1-4-1 MinPhos
Mineral Phosphorus

Foliars+ Liquid Organics

Trilogy 1-5-5 w/ traces
CalVantage 6-0-0 8Ca w/ traces
MagVantage 0-0-0 8Mg w/ traces
Protein Plus 14-2-5 w/ traces

complexing carbon

activate biology, deliver nutrient

fish power

Bacillus Enforced

EarthWorks Organic Fertilizer in Truck