Replenish Dry Fertilizers by EarthWorks


Replenish 3-4-3 is the raw material that is the foundation of all Replenish products. It is an egg layer compost that has gone through two separate biological digestion processes. The first biological digestion is through the bird where a very rich feed is provided the animals all designed to keep them healthy and build strong egg shells. Since chickens are not very efficient at processing their food the farm needs to “over feed” the birds to assure that the eggs and the birds stay strong. This is good news for us because most of that mineral rich diet moves into the fertilizer product, much of that mineral is calcium so important for our soils, turf and landscape growth. The second digestion is in the composting facility on the farm where the material is again digested biologically for up to a years time. This process assures that we always start with a mineral rich and biologically active starting point.