Organic Based Fertilizers for Golf Courses

Partnering with you to:

  • Manage agronomic pressures and expectations
  • Deal with a diverse environment of soil types
  • Improve fertility and water holding capacity

The expectations and the agronomic pressures of managing a golf course do not always correspond. The golf course environment is immense and diverse, a combination of soil types and micro environments. The nutrient holding capacities on any given golf course can range from less than 1 to 30 or more, making fertility management a challenge. One thing we do know is that all soils are biological in nature and by providing support for this biology we create lasting success. This is the foundation of Biological Soil Management, the focus of EarthWorks for over 35 years. EarthWorks products feed microbial populations and are mineral dense. They also feed the plant, reduce plant stress, build water holding capacities, and create checks and balances for pathogens. Our team of agronomists can help you better understand your soils. Working with our partner Logan Labs, we can build programs that will open your soils physically. This allows more air and water movement, setting the stage for the proliferation of soil microbiology.

Golf Course Maintenance