Trees Drench Program


A 5% drench was applied in April. The photo on the right was taken in June.

Urban environments can be very stressful on landscape plantings, even older established trees and shrubs run into problems as time goes on.  Often soils are tight and compacted, leading to poor rooting and even poorer nutrient uptake.  EarthWorks’ clients are reporting great success with drenches of Sea3around the root ball on a very wide varieties of plant materials including perennial and annual flowers.

Using a 1% solution of Sea3to water and drenching this at roughly one gallon of solution per 1 inch DBH (diameter at breast height) has been shown to be highly successful.

For landscape material under stress, or for newly established plant material those rates can effectively be increased up to a 5% solution (5 gallons of Sea3per 100 gallons of water).

Repeat these applications as often as monthly depending of the health and age of the landscape plant material.