Foliars+ 555 Soil Program

Every turf related soil is affected by the build-up of sodium and/or bicarbonates that leads to sodium wilt stress and/or localized dry spots. A biweekly rinse in of the EarthWorks 555 Soil Program can help keep both sodium and bicarbonates at bay and away from your plants.

The EarthWorks 555 Soil Program is best used every two weeks as a soil rinse in program using at least two gallons of water per 1000 square feet of soil. It does not need or want a deep flush but is an ideal rinse in used after a deep flushing.

We know you’ve got choices when it comes to Soil Programs, but we’re so confident in our products that we back them up with the following guarantee: Commit to our EarthWorks carbon based Foliars + Soil Program powered by BioCharge for 90 days on 9 holes and compare it to your current program.

Application Rates:




Applied every 2 weeks - this is a simple (1 case of each on greens) and cost effective program that has proven results.

Cost Effective, Easy to Use, Proven Results.