Foliars+ Liquid Fertilizers


A liquid line of carbon based fertilizers and soil conditioners was built alongside the dry fertilizers to provide an immediate plant uptake of nutrients and to supply available carbon to the root zone. There is great versatility available in a spray program since it can supply a large mix of both nutrients and carbon sources. All of the EarthWorks liquid products were formulated by one of the most respected experts in the field of sustainable agriculture and foliar and soil nutrition – Jerry Brunetti.  The number of ingredients in these products is significantly higher than any similar product on the market enabling our clients to realize a greater level of success. You can see this by the weight of the products as it is very difficult to stack thirty or more raw materials into a small container.  It took years of research and formulation trials to achieve the level of success we have today.  This, however, is why three of our products can out perform programs that include many more products.