Overseeding Program

Maintaining an even moisture content through the weeks of overseeding is extremely critical to the success of the project.  Myco Replenish 3-3-3 can provide ample moisture at the point of seed germination but perhaps even more importantly as soon as that seed starts to germinate the mycorrhiza will take hold and pull that newly established root deep into the soil. Mycorrhiza inoculants may be the most researched biological in all of agriculture with well over 20,000 studies on file.  Mycorrhiza is a Latin term for “root extension” and research shows that it can help the plant to find water and nutrients especially phosphorous.  All of which can help establish overseeding projects to establish faster, more completely and survive with greater success.

At Seed Drop– apply Myco Replenish at 10-15 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. of turf on Greens, Tees and Fairways.

Grow In and Maintenance– Add Sea3 at a rate of 1 gallon per acre in every tank of Urea or Iron.