Myco-Replenish 3-3-3

Myco-Replenish combines the high quality of EarthWorks organic poultry compost with root stimulating endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi. Myco-Replenish is ideal for any landscape planting situation, establishment of grass seed or sod and will enhance all soil aerification practices. An extensive amount of Mycorrhizae fungi in combination with the known value of the Replenish compost fertilizer will help to promote extensive root growth, reduce heat and drought stress, improves water and nutrient uptake and can eliminate transplant shock.

The word “mycorrhizae” literally means “fungus-roots” and defines the close mutually beneficial relationship between specialized soil fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) and plant roots. About 95% of the world’s land plants form the mycorrhizal relationship in their native habitats. It is estimated that mycorrhizal fungi filaments explore hundreds to thousands more soil volume compare to roots alone.

Mycorrhizal fungi increase the surface absorbing area of roots 10 to 1,000 times, thereby greatly improving the ability of the plant to use the soils resources. Several miles of fungal filaments can be present in the thimbleful of soil. But mycorrhizal fungi increase nutrient uptake not only by increasing the surface absorbing area of the roots, but also release powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as phosphorous, magnesium and other “tightly bound” soil nutrients.

When combined with the carbon rich food source of Replenish fertilizers the Myco-Replenish 3-3-3 has the energy to take off and perform.


Apply 10 -25 lbs per 1000 sq. ft.

Ideal for aerification, sod, landscape plantings, potting mixes


Available in both standard and greens grade in 50 or 500 lb bags and in a 25 lb landscape bag.

Myco-Replenish 3-3-3 - Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)3.0%
   Water Insoluble Nitrogen2.1%
   Water Soluble Nitrogen0.9%
Available Phosphorous (P2O5)3.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O)3.0%
   Calcium (Ca)6.0%

Contains Endo Mycorrhizae

Endomycorrhizal fungi: 750 propagules per pound: Glomus intraradices, Glomus etunicatum, Glomus mossea, Glomus aggregatum

Contains Ecto Mycorrhizae

Ectomycorrhizal fungi: 2,750,000 propagules per pound: Pisolithus tinctorius, Schleroderma cepa, Scleroderma citrinnum, Rhizopogon villosullus, Rhizopogon luteolus, Rhizopogon amylopogon, Rhizopogon fulvigleba