Fall Application Program


One of the most impactful times to apply a carbon based product is in the fall when the soil is still warm and microbiology is still active, but plant growth is slowing down. Numerous research projects have demonstrated the value of applying fertilizer at this time of year. EarthWorks’ clients have been following this practice for over 25 years and have consistently reported that spring green up and recovery is significantly better.

When asked “if there was only one time in the year when you could apply an EarthWorks granular product when would it be?” the consistent answer among our clients is in the late fall or early winter.

The homogenous carbon nitrogen products will not leach out of the soil and will feed microbes through the warmth of the fall and be there as soon as spring temperatures warm up even slightly.  Remember that soil microbiology produces energy in the soil, warming up the soil root zone and producing results like the picture above.

Apply any Replenish product, 5-4-5, 10-2-5 or 8-2-2 at rates of ½ to 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. during late fall or early winter.