Organic Based Fertilizers for Parks, Schools & Municipalities

Partnering with you to:

  • Manage low budgets and high expectations
  • Feed soils to reduce problems
  • Create turf and landscapes that survive tough conditions

Public sector turf and ornamental management can be some of the most difficult environments to manage. The budgets are low and the expectations are high, usually a combination for failure and frustration. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The EarthWorks team of agronomists love helping the turf and ornamental managers in the public sector discover ways to be more successful, through soil testing and proven carbon based fertility that feeds the soils and takes away problems. Our team has worked on the biggest city parks, collage campuses, high schools, and municipalities with great success. We have helped to reduce costs, built “organic based” programs, have fought liability concerns from bad field conditions, and have even kept turf alive in goal mouth areas. Focusing on Biological Soil Management allows for better turf stands and landscapes that survive tough conditions. The result is happier communities AND happier grounds managers.

Organic Based Fertilizers for Parks, Schools & Municipalities

Organic Based Fertilizer Programs Designed for Parks, Schools & Municipalities

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