Granular Fertilizers

When we built our first dry fertilizer product, Replenish 5-4-5, we knew we wanted to use a compost base instead of a meal or a sludge based material. People were desire more natural, organic fertilizers. Composts are carbon rich, biologically active and high in sustainable minerals. Sludge materials are pasteurized which kills soil biology and encapsulates the carbon making it slow to react.  Meal products have never been digested, and although they are high in protein have limited minerals or biological activity. Building a product line with compost as a base proved to be problematic and costly to process and package; however with the help of good business partners we stuck to our belief that compost was the right way to go. Today we produce one of the most effective and easy to apply dry fertilizer products available.

All of the Replenish products are high quality carbon based dry fertilizers. The 5-4-5,  10-2-5 and the 16-0-5 are all 50% (WIN) slow release products that were built to mimic how naturally occurring digested carbon functions in the soil. This slow release value helps ensure a long lasting deep rich greening effect, but it’s the carbon base that builds nitrogen release for years to come. Carbon based fertilizers help make everything in the fertility program work better because they balance the important C:N ratio in the root zone. When we combined this rich compost with sustainable rock minerals and soluble forms of nitrogen we discovered a synergy that has been the real secret to the sustained growth of the Replenish line. The rising costs of synthetic fertilizers have produced fewer products that can boast 50% slow release values. Even fewer can say that they combine that with predigested, available carbon.

The REPLENISH Line of Dry Fertilizers

Biologically Active and Mineral Rich

Replenish 5-4-5

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

50% WIN, high carbon, very mineral rich. 

Replenish 8-2-2

Rich in compost and fortified with ammonium sulfate.  Designed for lawn care and large area applications.

Replenish 10-2-5

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

50% WIN, bridge product. 

Replenish 3-4-3

The raw compost, OMRI organic approved.

Myco Replenish 3-3-3

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

Both Endo and Ecto Mychorrizae to help build strong rooting in both turf and ornamentals. Must have soil contact.

Replenish 16-0-5

50% Win, ideal for sports turf and large
application areas.

Dry Soil Conditioners

Renovate Plus

Soil amendment rich in zeolite to build a better nutrient and water holding capacity.


The premier zeolite amendment helping to create soil
porosity, hold water and maintain levels of both
potassium and ammonium nitrogen. 

EarthWorks Line of REPLENISH Dry Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners are available from Distributors throughout the U.S.