Aerification & Recovery Program

When aerification holes are open take the opportunity to build the soil and provide recovery after a long hot summer.


Filling the holes with Renovate Plus will provide sustainability, water holding capacity, recoverability and help to keep the soil working properly. Renovate Plus is rich in carbon sources like dry kelp meal, active compost and powerful humic acids. It re-mineralizes nutrient depleted soils with rock minerals like hard and soft rock phosphate, greensand, sul-po-mag and soluble forms of calcium. Renovate Plus is also 50% Ecolite, the cleanest zeolite available and known to help create pore space, hold water and nutrients like potassium and ammonium nitrogen.
Myco Replenish is both endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi blended in a rich carbon based carrier. Mycorrhiza means “fungus roots” or “root extension.” This product will grow roots! Ideal for all types of turf grass and landscape plants as well.

Replenish 5-4-5 or 10-2-5 over the top will provide a carbon-based fertility shot to help heal aerification holes fast.