Mr. Bear the Giving Bus Driver! An opportunity to help one of our own.

It may surprise you that Fellow Turf Head, and friend of EarthWorks, Dave “Mr. Bear” Wilber has an additional part time job as a school bus driver. The vocation was born out of Dave’s need for health insurance. What Dave never could have predicted was that it would turn into a community outreach program for some at-risk kids in the Littleton, CO school district. He recently shared some touching and gut-wrenching stories about some of the kids he has gotten to know in the course of their short drive to school. Justin Woodland, Superintendent at The Barn Golf Club in Ogden, UT, is a friend of Dave’s and ours. He had read the stories on Twitter and was so touched that it motivated him to set up a GoFundMe page, called appropriately The Giving Bus Driver to help further the outreach. This time of year can be really tough for so many but it is amazing how one person can really make a difference. We hope you enjoy the 2MTT trailer and the EW Podcast, and that they motivate you to donate to this great cause. It’s a great opportunity for us to support a fellow Turf Head who is making an impact in his community.