Grow Roots Now! Apply this key nutrient in the fall

The leaves are starting to turn colors! Just like the squirrel gathering acorns, growers are preparing their plants for winter. The key question: How can I prepare the plants for winter both economically and agronomically? The answer of course: Grow a deep and strong root system that will sustain the plant throughout its all-consuming push for regrowth and seed development next spring. Phosphate always gets al the attention when we think about roots, but there is another nutrient that really holds the key to new root development, calcium.  
The process of new root growth requires a constant supply of bioavailable calcium in the root zone because calcium does not translocate from leaves through the phloem down to the new roots. Research shows the plant uses calcium to signal to supporting symbiotic root zone biology that it is time for new root development.  Those symbiotic microbes then go to work aiding in the uptake of nutrients for root growth. Having an abundance of bioavailable calcium and phosphorus EarthWorks granular fertilizers greatly support the entire biological system in the development of new plant roots.


Jack Higgins
Regional Agronomist