Talking Carbon Since 1988

Carbon has become the most overused word in the turf industry. It is hard to have a meeting with any fertilizer salesperson without hearing about carbon.  But does the industry really understand why we use carbon in turf management programs, and are all carbon sources the same? 

We use carbon-based fertilizers for one sole reason – to feed microbial populations that will then feed our plants. The real trick is to provide carbon diversity by having the right types of carbon in your program. This is the backbone of the agronomic concept of Biological Soil Management, something EarthWorks has promoted since its inception in 1988. 

In Lawrence Mayhew’s article, Soil Carbon, he provides a comprehensive discussion on why we use carbon in soil programs and explains the types of carbon inputs important to keep soil microbes working hard for any soil manager. Read The Article Here: Soil Carbon – Lawrence Mayhew

Please listen to the EarthWorks Podcast with Lawrence Mayhew, Jack Higgins and Joel Simmons on this subject. It may be the quintessential conversation on soil carbon! Listen Here »

Watch it below!