Fertilizer for Sports Fields


Leaders in Organic Solutions for Sports Fields Turf Management

Sports Fields Turf Management may be the toughest job acre to acre! The sheer volume of play on many sites creates wear and tear that is almost impossible to recover from. We believe that if we can get the soil to work for you, as opposed to against you, we can create better turfgrass recovery, better water holding capacities, and deeper rooting that keep your fields healthy and you happy. Using Logan Labs our agronomists have soil tested thousands of sports fields from all types of soils and have been able to solve some of the most difficult and frustrating agronomic problems. We focus on Biological Soil Management as our agronomic program. This approach follows the concepts of the three-legged stool where the 3 disciplines of chemistry, physics and biology hold equal weight when managing a soil. Biological soil management practices follow this concept but prioritize the biologic discipline because in our experience greater turf recovery occurs when soil biology is fed available carbon sources keeping their populations as active as possible. This can help to reduce thatch, build better water holding capacity, and promote drainage - all of which lead to the strongest turf stands possible.

EarthWorks fertilizer for sports fields include:

Foilars+ line of liquid fertilizers can provide both the carbon microbes need and the fertilizer that plants needs in one spray program.

To provide more volume and sustainability in the soil our Replenish line is rich in fertility, long lasting minerals to feed the plant and multiple carbon sources to feed microbes and to keep soils healthy.

Our aerification and construction amendments provide quick recovery and establishment for any project, including goal mouths and center of field issues, providing a quick return on investment.


“When you’re riding, only the race in which you’re riding is important.”

– Bill Shoemaker

Please feel free to call any of our industry experienced agronomists for ideas on how to use our fertilizer for sports fields to build your healthy soil. Enjoy spending more time with your family instead of chasing sport field problems!

The Perfect Fertilizers for Sports Fields

Replenish 5-4-5

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

50% WIN, high carbon, very mineral rich. 

Replenish 8-2-2

Rich in compost and fortified with ammonium sulfate.  Designed for lawn care and large area applications.

Replenish 10-2-5

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

50% WIN, bridge product. 

Replenish 3-4-3

The raw compost, OMRI organic approved.

Myco Replenish 3-3-3

Standard Grade & Greens Grade

Both Endo and Ecto Mychorrizae to help build strong rooting in both turf and ornamentals. Must have soil contact.

Replenish 16-0-5

50% Win, ideal for sports turf and large
application areas.