The 5-5-5 Program


EarthWorks has combined its industry leading technology in bio-stimulants and humic acid formulations with the cleanest most efficient liquid fertilizers available to create a whole new concept in liquid fertility – The Soil First Foliars.

As much as 80% of liquids sprayed, on fine cut turf, rolls past the blades of grass onto the soil surface.  The Soil First Foliars not only provide complete foliar fertility, but where they really impress is in the soil by stabilizing available nutrients and providing soluble carbon to the microbial populations in the root zone.



  • 5 oz Trilogy 1-5-5 w/Traces
  • 5 oz Protein Plus 14-2-5
  • 5 oz CalVantage 8% soluble calcium

Applied every 2 weeks - this is a simple (1 case of each on greens) and cost effective program that has proven results.


Complete Fertility – This application gives roughly 0.1 lbs. of N along with ample amounts of P, K, and Ca.  The 555 program includes a host of micronutrients and all of the carbon cofactors needed to stimulate microbial populations, which help with the mobility of these nutrients and ones tied up in the soil.


The Carbon Factors - The Soil First Foliars are highly engineered products that start with an HPTA approved humic acid complex but contain as many as 30 raw ingredients designed to feed the plant and provide ample soluble carbon sources to promote elevated microbial activity in the root zone.  Ingredients like kelp and fishmeal, worm tea extracts, multiple forms of sugars, minerals from seawater extracts and trace elements all aid in the plants ability to fight stress, better utilize nutrients and build strong turf recovery.

Alternative 555 Programs

Based on years of extensive soil testing work, we have formulated numerous Soil First Foliar products including MagVantage and our newest product, BioVantage. Depending on the needs identified in a client’s soil tests, the 555 program may shift toward the necessary use of alternative products. For instance, a test could show the need for more magnesium, so MagVantage could replace Trilogy or CalVantage, or even be rotated in with these products. If tests show high pH and weak traces, the use of Mikronite could be called for in the 555 rotation. BioVantage is an excellent addition or substitute in cases where biological weakness is apparent. In working with newly established sand based mixes, it will jump start soil biological activity to help improve nutrient mobility, break down thatch, and provide some support for disease suppression.


The Soil First Foliar program line is not only extremely complete in it’s formula’s, but it is also a very versatile program, allowing the turf manager to get the turf exactly what it needs when it needs it the most. The response has been fantastic, with clients from all across the country sharing stories of reduced stress, better soil structure and water management capacity, long lasting color and vigor, but most importantly, it “takes the highs and lows out of the program.”

555 Program Sheet