Replenish 8-2-2 Fairway Program

Carbon Based Fertility

Download 5 5 5 tech sheetCost effective way to keep fairways strong all season long
Building microbial active soils and strong plants starts with carbon. One of the best and most cost effective ways to approach this is to apply the Replenish 8-2-2 carbon based fertilizer.  This product is a combination of OMRI listed compost and ammonium sulfate.

An Ideal program for the year would include three applications of 1/2 pounds of nitrogen through Replenish 8-2-2.  Applications of ½ pound of nitrogen in the spring helps with spring green up and allows for strong growth going into the stressful summer months. In late summer another ½ pound of nitrogen allows for aggressive summer recovery, feeding both the soil and soil microbial populations and getting ready for a strong fall season. The last application of ½ pound of nitrogen may be the most important the winter feed. Putting down carbon along with ammonium sulfate in the late fall months builds the soil and helps to store carbohydrates in the plant.

Having a carbon based fertility program allows the superintendent to reduce the overall nitrogen usage on the fairways. Replenish 8-2-2 is a powerful combination of non pasteurized bio active carbon and mineral rich composted poultry liter along with ammonium sulfate. The bio-active compost provides carbon to the soil and allows nitrogen to go through nitrification much more efficiently.

Ammonium sulfate is a great way to warm up a cold soil in the spring, provide recovery in late summer and can help to release soluble calcium that becomes available to the plant.

Combine the 8-2-2 Program with Sea 3
Sea 3 is a proven bio-stimulant with some very unique attributes including de-salinated sea water, worm tea extracts, micronized humic acids and fish and kelp meals. This combination used monthly at low rates has been showing great stress reduction, good color and strong vigor on golf course fairways. A very cost effective way to keep turf strong through the heat of the summer, and assure quick recovery when the summer stress ends.