We are all in this together

Covid-19 Update from Joel Simmons

To our valued Distributor Partners and Clients,

Earthworks Dry FertilizerAs we see the world as we know it change moment by moment, we at EarthWorks want to assure you that we are committed to doing everything within our power to continue delivering our products and services without interruption. There will be things that are out of our control such as shipping schedules, community ‘shelter in place’ orders, and possibly other unforeseen delays. Our production facilities are currently operating within the Federal Government’s guidelines for number of workers and social distancing. Production will continue with little delay, unless there are more changes to the rules of business. Below are some suggestions that will help us deliver orders in as timely a fashion as possible given the situation as it is today:

Be sure to inform Lisa Kiefer in our office of any shipping restrictions to your area. The most difficult situation is where a truck hits the road and then has to be diverted or turned back because of a shut-down.
If possible, put together a ‘wish list’ of products that you expect to order in the near future. That way we can inform our production facilities of upcoming orders so there is as little interruption in delivery as possible. We do realize these lists are subject to change before final orders are issued, but it helps us forecast what’s coming.

At this time, we don’t recommend the option of Intermodal Rail shipments. Although the more economical option, it has proven to be highly unreliable during this extraordinary situation.
Please contact your EarthWorks Agronomist or Lisa Kiefer, Vice President of Operations in the office at (800) 732-TURF (8873) or lisa@soilfirst.com

Thanks very much for your patience and understanding during this trying time. We want to continue to provide the best service with Deep Respect to our Industry Partners.

With Respect,

Joel Simmons, President