Think Dynamically

This is a story that I tell often… because it perfectly depicts how EarthWorks was built, why we do what we do, and the type of relationship Jerry Brunetti and I had from the birth of our company in the late 1980’s.

To preface, from the beginning Jerry had a clear vision of why we were doing what we were doing. He had a deep respect for the chemistry and dynamics of the soils that grow our food and keep green spaces and turf healthy. This respect boiled over to the people that care for these spaces. Our goal became making these people as successful as they could be while also making their lives easier. To accomplish our goal, we built our products to be big, powerful and dynamic – to do more, with less – as well as spreading education on soil health like a weed (pun intended). A deeper respect: For the soil, the spaces, and the people. That is why we do what we do.

So, here’s the story.

I was looking for a product that would promote biological life in large turf areas. I found a really good cold processed kelp product that I thought would do the trick.  At the time Jerry was doing the bulk of our product formulations so I showed him my new product find with the excitement of a teenager introducing a new girl or boyfriend. Unfortunately, he didn’t share my enthusiasm, and in fact, he proceeded to burst my bubble!

I had forgotten why we do what we do.  He reminded me that EarthWorks does not do linear, single element, products.  We create dynamic products that produce multiple strategic reactions in the soil.  His respect for our vision was obvious and matter of fact.  It was a tough conversation for me. I wanted so badly to make a splash, but at the end I said “Uncle” and asked him to build me something better… and so became Sea 3!


In Sea 3, we combine kelp, worm tea, desalinated ocean water, fish, and our proprietary humic/fulvic acid complex. As stand alone products, these are only OK.  But in combination, these raw materials create a powerful synergistic reaction in the soil. The formula jump-starts soil biology that opens the soil up physically by building stronger and deeper roots while at the same time quickly digesting them into soil gold: humus.  Sea 3 provides definitive recovery and vigor of turf, it helps by providing and mobilizing needed nutrients.


Four years later, Sea 3 is our most popular product in our almost 30 year history!  If you haven’t yet please give Sea 3 a try, it’s ideal for every planning environment.

Oh… and don’t forget to THINK DYNAMICALLY!