Team EarthWorks is Published!

Team EarthWorksI am so proud to announce that we are published with not one but two new books available from Team EarthWorks We built our business model back in the late 1980’s on the concept of providing significant information to our clients.  The more information we provide the more success we’ve seen in the field from superintendents of all agronomic levels. 

The Art of Balancing Soil NutrientsA year ago, our Logan Labs Agronomist, Bill McKibben published what I think is one of the quintessential books on the subject of balancing soils chemically.  The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients will help everyone better understand how to read the Logan Labs soil tests.  He clarifies how to use base saturation and how not to use it.  Bill has been our go-to person when it comes to knowing the best way to use the water soluble paste extract soil test.  He has really driven home the differences between a heavy soil and a low CEC soil; which is so typical in the golf course industry.  Bill has also changed the way we read, and more importantly how we use, the water tests.   

This year we are beginning to focus a lot more on what we are calling our “monitoring” approach. 

Most golf courses and sports fields are either sand based or at least heavily top dressed over the years.  The changes that can happen on low CEC soils can happen very quickly, especially after a spring of nothing but rain!  We see some very strange things happening on our soil tests – like a pH drop by over a point in only a few weeks and CEC numbers increasing at the some time.  Where does an agronomist go when he has soil questions?  The answer is   Bill McKibben and I can’t tell you how helpful he and his book have been. 

The Farm as EcosystemFor more years than I can count I have been pushing my business partner, Jerry Brunetti, to write a book on all the stuff that is in his head.  Jerry and I founded EarthWorks 25 years ago and he has been formulating all of our liquid organic products and Renovate Plus since day one.  Jerry is one of the brightest voices in sustainable agriculture.  He built a business of his own, AgriDynamics, where he formulates natural remedies for dairy cows and other livestock, long before we came up with the concept of EarthWorks.  I first met Jerry when I was a very green Penn State County Extension Agent, he has been a mentor ever since. 

His new book, The Farm as Ecosystem, is brilliant, well written, and filled with his years of experiences and observations. 

Jerry takes the concepts of soil chemistry into and beyond soil biology. 

He addresses the importance of many concepts like foliar feeding, compost tea and even earthworms.  It leans toward the farming community, but soils are soils regardless of if your primary plant material is alfalfa or bent grass.  Everyone who is interested in how a soil really works will find this book well worth their time. 

Both books are available from ACRES U.S.A. and I would encourage everyone to make an easy investment in your own success.  Click on the book image to go directly to the book in the ACRES U.S.A store.

Happy reading!