Soil First Consulting

Soil First Consulting, a service of EarthWorks, assists golf course superintendents and lawn care professionals in balancing the complex relationships amongst the chemical, biological, and physical aspects of soil care. We work very closely with Logan Labs in Russells Point, Ohio which is owned and operated by Susan Shaner who has over twenty years of experience managing soil testing facilities for the golf course, sports turf and agriculture industries.

Logan Labs soil testing servicesWith results from Logan Labs, Soil First Consulting agronomists, led by Jim Heck, can evaluate basic soil issues, solubility concerns using water soluble paste extracts and determine limiting factors created by irrigation water. Soil First creates a complete evaluation of any soil and generates complete sustainable recommendations that can help any soil manager create a better and more sustainable environment to grow any plant.

“By applying the agronomic principles of Dr. William Albrecht along with our Soil First approach we can help you grow quality turf in a sustainable manner while maximizing the benefits of EarthWorks products.” – Jim Heck, Soil First Consulting



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