Winter Recovery & Spring Establishment

After a tough winter the grass is suffering above and below ground, and the plants and soil both need some help. A carbon based fertility program is the jump-start that you need this spring to help the plants and soil recover.  Replenish fertilizers are rich in the food that feeds soil microbes and in the nutrients that feed the plant. Don’t just fill up the root zone with salt fertilizers; buffer the soil with EarthWorks.There is no better spring fertilizer than the combination of high-energy, soluble compost and soluble ammonium sulfate and methylene urea found in the Replenish fertilizers. Even in soil temperatures below 45°F, we have seen turf color and root growth response after Replenish applications.

WInterSpringSolution DownloadHere is what our clinets are saying:

Starts recovery and establishment at lower soil temperatures

Warms up cold soils with ammonium sulfate and carbon

Drives roots with high-energy composts, minerals, and mycorrhiza

Quickly grow mature turf by working with the soil