Sea 3 Landscape Stress Reduction Program

Sea 3 Landscape Stress Reduction ProgramSea 3 is a unique liquid organic fertilizer formulated from three distinctive sea based nutrient sources, fish meal, kelp meal and sea water extracts.

Sea 3 is a powerful heat stress reducing agent. It is designed to feed the plant with stabilized nutrients and a host of carbon sources. This allows the nutrients to stay in soil solution longer for better plant uptake. Carbon is the food stuff for microorganisms in the root zone that provides them the energy to freely multiply.

Sea 3 provides layers of carbon from sources like kelp meal, fish meal, micronized humic acids, and worm tea compost extracts. These raw materials are all rich in trace elements, cytokinins, gyberillins as well as macro nutrients all of which are available to the plant. This availability allows the plant to fight off common stresses associated with heat, poor soils and even herbicide damage..

Tree Injections — 1-4 pts./100 gal. water
Landscape Drench — 9-15 oz. /2 gal. of water
Turf — 1 gal./acre monthly
Available in 15, 55, & 275 gallon containers