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EarthWorks Foliars+

More Stable, More Plant Available

The EarthWorks line of liquid fertilizers is a sophisticated blend of mineral fertility for plants and the most intricate mixture of carbon amendments designed to nourish microbial populations. While many competitors in this market primarily rely on synthetic fertilizers, with only minimal additions of carbon-based additives, this is reflected in their pricing as products like kelp and humic acids are notably expensive.

Foliars+ products not only nourish plants through both foliar application and soil absorption, but align with our mission by also providing the highest quantity of carbon-based food materials for microbes available in the market.

EarthWorks Foliar+ products are meticulously formulated with 20-30 raw materials, predominantly carbon-based. Despite the challenge of maintaining stability in a container, EarthWorks is the sole company daring to introduce such complex formulas to the market. This complexity contributes significantly to the effectiveness of our products, as is evident by the substantial growth in sales over the past five years. To ensure the stability and efficacy of these formulas, we have enlisted the expertise of our chemist, Lawrence Mayhew, known to many through the EarthWorks Podcast. Lawrence is a globally recognized authority on humic substances. He continually seeks the finest humates for our formulas, and now most of our products contain up to four distinct humic substances. Recently, he has enhanced all our liquids using his EcoAdaptive Technology model, resulting in increased stability and plant availability. This process involves balancing nutrients to prevent any one mineral from dominating others, thereby optimizing plant uptake.

CalVantage exemplifies an EarthWorks product that has undergone significant enhancements, rendering calcium more readily available to plants while ensuring jug stability by minimizing chemical reactions that lead to crystallization. While the Foliars+ line is the preferred choice for many clients, it can also be easily mixed with other liquid fertilizers, enhancing their efficacy due to the marked improvement in microbial activity facilitated by our liquids.

We advise rotating inventory and monitoring the date stamp on boxes, depicted as follows: 02072455, indicating production on February 7th, 2024, lot number 55. This practice enables us to address any production concerns promptly. We stand behind the quality of our liquid products with a one-year guarantee and remain committed to supporting our partners in resolving any issues they encounter.