Brooklyn Bridge Park… Spectacular!

Brooklyn Bridge ParkEvery once in a while a very cool project comes along that’s a little out of the norm.  The work going on at the Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of those, and it is spectacular! 

A few weeks ago I made contact with an old friend of EarthWorks, former golf course superintendent Paul Sutter, who had recently become the turf manager for the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The park spans from the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, spreads south along the old Brooklyn piers, and finally winds to the tip of Manhattan where it stares over at the financial district of New York City.  

Standing at the park looking over to where we all witnessed the 9/11 tragedies takes your breath away. Pictures don’t do it justice – clearly it is something to witness in person. 

The park is, and will be even more so when finished, simply fantastic!  Although still under construction, much of it is open to the public right now.  Paul explained that, when completed, there will be hundreds of acres of grass with some amazing horticulture spread around for fun!  Where the park sits along the East River in Brooklyn New York, was once all shipping piers where much of what Americans consumed arrived for distribution.  Today the piers, still jutting out into the river, are being turned into volleyball courts, soccer fields, basketball courts and some very cool picnic areas.  There is a grass area with views of the Statue of Liberty where, once a week, thousands of people come to watch “a movie in the park.”  At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge sits Jane’s Carousel, one of the oldest, still running, merry-go-rounds.  Originally built in 1922, she has been beautifully restored and placed behind glass for safe keeping.  The park also hosts numerous restaurants, ice cream spots and a wine bar and of course is lined with walking/running/biking paths that stretch from one end of the park to the other.  

Brooklyn Bridge Park viewThe goal of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Authority is to build the entire park as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.  They are focused on using salvaged materials, habitat creation, storm water management for most of the irrigation water, and even green roofs where possible.  From a fertility standpoint they are searching for certifiable organic products and carbon based fertility in an effort to: build soils, manage water, stimulate soil biology, and reduce overall inputs.  We recently ran a battery of soil tests so that we can help to build the foundation for an ideal environment for soil biology by balancing the chemistry and feeding the soil. 

I am a huge fan of New York City, living only an hour from Manhattan.  New York television is what plays in my house.   My son loves day trips into the city to visit his favorite spots: Five Napkin Burger, the underground Apple Store, FAO Schwarz and Grand Central Terminal.  I’m a NY Giants season ticket holder and a Yankee fan and I have to say I love the Brooklyn Bridge Park!  If you’re interested in more information on what’s going on at the park take a look at