Base One

Download Base One Tech SheetBase One is a 1-10-10 bioactive liquid fertilizer designed to provide you the flexibility of using a macro/trace package that is not driven by the nitrogen analysis.

Base One also does not have iron or calcium in its formulation. Many soils are high in iron which can prohibit nutrient uptake. Calcium is a critical nutrient and is best managed separately, based on plant stress issues.

Base One is a foundation product that allows you to add the needed iron, nitrogen and calcium based on specific site needs. This formulation has created a very stable product rich in chelated trace nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, boron, copper, zinc, cobalt, sulfur and silica. Base One also includes humic and fulvic acids, kelp extract, and a vitamin premix of vitamins C, D, E and a B complex. The diversity of this recipe has created an extremely effective “Base” to a complete liquid fertility program and can help to feed both the soil and the plant.