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EW Podcast - Joel Simmons with Tom Breiner

Tom Breiner, former Golf Course Superintendent at Fiddlers Elbow Country Club and I have a bunch of laughs reminiscing over getting started in the business. Tom was one of my most important mentors in the business and we share stories of how a soil really works, our discoveries as to how the business was but mostly just have fun which is how the business should be!

EW Podcast - Joel Simmons with Matthew Wharton of the Carolina Golf Club

Matthew Wharton is a Master Greenskeeper, Certified Golf Course Superintendent at the Carolina Golf Club in Charlotte, NC and many of your know him from his extensive social media presence. Now you can meet Matthew and get to know him a little better.

EW Podcast - Kevin Hicks with Thomas Bastis

This week we step back a bit from the heady topics of soil chemistry to talk to Thomas Bastis and his role as a PGA Tour Agronomist. Thomas has been in the golf industry for a long time and has lots of stories to share. We discussed construction, his career change from superintendent to Tour Agronomist a few years ago, and even had a discussion about the state of the industry and opportunities during the Pandemic. Thanks for tuning in again this week and be sure to subscribe to our EarthWorks Podcast channel for weekly updates.

EW Podcast - Joel Simmons, Kevin Hicks with Bill McKibben The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients 3

Understanding what your water report is telling you may be the key to your success. In part three of “The Art of Balancing Soils” author and Logan Labs Agronomist brings all three sectors of the soil tests together by talking about the water report. Your irrigation water can affect every aspect of your fertility program and in this installment we talk about how your water can be managed.

EW Podcast with Jerry Pepin - What the heck is in this bag of seed?

Jerry Pepin, the Director of Research at Vista Seed Partners LLC has a wealth of experience when it comes to breeding grass seed varieties for the turf grass industry. We talk about how and why they select certain varieties that are popular in the industry today and some history on the grass seed industry in this country. Understanding the process by which they choose the grass types that you grow can be fascinating!

EW Podcast - Joel Simmons, Kevin Hicks with Bill McKibben The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients 2

The Art of Balancing Soil Nutrients - Part II, The Water Soluble Paste Extract Test. Bill McKibben, Kevin Hicks and Joel Simmons discuss soluble nutrition using the paste extract as a tool. Bill is an expert at explaining how you can discover just which nutrients are and are not soluble in your soil and how you can build a program to assure that your plants are getting all the nutrients they need.

EW Podcast - Joel Simmons with Lawrence Mayhew

Humic Acids are everywhere these days but so few of us really understand what they do and what benefit they may bring to a turf program. Joel Simmons talks with chemist Lawrence Mayhew on the subject of humic acids. Lawrence helped write the testing protocol used by the Humic Product Trade Association (HPTA) to determine what is and what is not a humic acid. Learn from the best in business.

EW Podcast - Joel Simmons and Kevin Hicks with Bill McKibben

Join Kevin Hicks and me as we talk with Bill McKibben, agronomist extraordinaire, author and friend as we start a series on how to read soil, paste and water tests. Bill is the the agronomist at Logan Labs and has been a big piece of the EarthWorks agronomy team for years. We talk about how a soil test report can be interpreted and how the Albrecht model of base saturation can and is used.

The EarthWorks Podcast - Joel Simmons with Troy Crawford of FC Dallas

Join us for a fascinating sports turf discussion with Troy Crawford the grounds manager for FC Dallas. Troy and I discuss, among other things, the ROI that he discovered by investing in amending his fields at time of construction.

The EarthWorks Podcast - Joel Simmons with Kevin Mercer of Denison University

This version of the EarthWorks Podcast we have the pleasure to interview our friend Kevin Mercer, The Grounds & Landscape Manager at Denison University in Granville, Ohio just north of Columbus.  Kevin is a very studied Grounds Manager and talks about his years in the golf industry and the transition to University Grounds Management.  He shares some interesting stories about his unique take on soils management, his reduction in pesticide usage, how he became a Stuart of the soil and how biological soil management has been his agronomic focus for most of his career.  Kevin is both informative and entertaining and worth the listen.

The EarthWorks Podcast - Joel Simmons with Glenn Smickley of California Golf Club

This week I had a chance to catch up with an old friend, Glenn Smickley, the General Manager at the California Golf Club in San Francisco California. We talked about his days as superintendent at The Robert Trent Jones Golf Club, its establishment and grow in and the incredible network of superintendents that Glenn has mentored over his career and whats it like to move desks from the superintendents office to the GM’s. Enjoy!

The EarthWorks Podcast - Jack Higgins with Tom Higgins of Jumping Brook Country Club

Today’s podcast with Tom Higgins of Jumping Brook Country Club discusses the regrassing of collars and intermediate cut around greens. Tom is a very generous guy, and it was fun to hear some of his stories!

The EarthWorks Podcast - Joel Simmons with John Chassard of Lehigh Country Club

Join me for a conversation with my old friend Golf Course Superintendent John Chassard of Lehigh Country Club in Emmaus Pennsylvania. We talk about his William Flynn design, his stream restoration, biological soil management and the incredible culture he has built around his long term staff.

The EarthWorks Podcast - Joel Simmons with Kevin Hicks

Thanks for joining us for The EarthWorks Podcast, today I am interviewing Kevin Hicks, 25 year golf course superintendent. Kevin and I talk about his experiences of coming out of turf school and taking over Dessert Forest Country Club all the way to managing the floating green at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. We wrap discussing the challenges of completely changing careers to become a consulting sales agronomist.

The EarthWorks Podcast - Jack Higgins with Josh Saunders

EarthWorks had the pleasure of talking with Josh Saunders of Lancaster Country Club a few days ago. Tune in to hear Josh discuss some of the joys and challenges of managing the golf course on this beautiful piece of property in the farm country of Pennsylvania. There is some interesting discussion about preparing for the Women’s US Open along with agronomic strategies for managing different constructed root zones and holes that are prone to flooding.

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