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The 555 Program


Download 5 5 5 tech sheetLIQUID ORGANIC FERTILIZERS
EarthWorks has combined its industry leading technology in bio-stimulants and soil conditioners with the cleanest most efficient liquid fertilizers available to create a whole new concept in liquid fertility: LIQUID ORGANIC FERTILIZERS.

When multiple carbon sources are combined with liquid fertilizers the nutrients stay stable and chelated in soil solution, and promotes microbial attack of the fertility molecule significantly increasing plant availability improving color and plant health.

The 555 Program

5 oz. Trilogy 1-5-5 w/ traces
5 oz. Cal-Vantage 6-0-0 8Ca
5 oz. Protein Plus 14-2-5 w/ traces ~ every 2 weeks

Complete Fertility:

This application gives roughly .1 lbs of N along with P, K, Ca, 5 labeled trace elements plus all the plant nutrition in the organic amendments.

Soil Conditioners:

Rich carbon sources, humic acids and surfactants help to flocculate the soil and stabilize nutrients in the sandy areas of the root zone.


Kelp extract, fish meal, molasses and other sugars feed microbes and help to make nutrients more mobile and roots grow deeper into the soil.

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