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EarthWorks Granular Products

The Replenish line of Fertilizers are complex Formulated Dry Organics. EarthWorks is dedicated to formulating the most agronomically complete products available. We have over 20 years of experience in working with biological soil management programs and our fertilizers are designed to maximize the microbial activity of any soil. Healthy soil promotes healthy plants. We start with mineral rich poultry compost from egg laying birds that has gone through two digestion cycles. The by-products of this biological digestion bring with them a host of soil and plant benefits, including increased enzymes, amino acids and, most importantly, minerals. These benefits are not found in most
commercial Natural Organic fertilizers. Once the raw material has been composted, we add a large percentage of rock minerals. Following the EarthWorks Carbon Pyramid approach, complex carbohydrates and humic acids are blended into the product, creating one of the most powerful soil and plant foods available.

Myco-Replenish 3-3-3

Replenish 3-4-3

Replenish 5-4-5

Replenish 8-2-2

Replenish 10-2-5

Replenish 16-1-5

Renovate Plus Recovery Amendment

Replenish Min-Phos 1-4-1

EarthWorks Liquid Products

Manufacturing of the liquids involves first the availability of excellent water. We begin by softening the water, followed by deionization and finally reverse osmosis. The result is water that is absent of total dissolved solids, alkalinity, carbonates and conductivity. This allows for an aqueous medium that can be fully saturated with the diversity of ingredients that go into the Cal-Vantage formula.

The recipe is then loaded through a process called “stacking”, which simply means using a formula that allows for ingredient compatibility by following a proper sequence of mixing, creating maximum saturation of the water by these nutrients. Finally, the products are micro-screened in order to create a non-plugging filtrate for trouble-free

EarthWorks Liquid Organics are the most complex formulas available. They are developed to work synergistically with each other and with other nutrient based products.

Bio Vantage

Cal Vantage



Protein Plus

Potent Sea

Sea 3


Mag Vantage



Our products are designed to work synergistically with one another. Interested in multiple products? Check out our programs.

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