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Chat with Brandon Perrine at Deerwood Country Club

I recently had a chat with Brandon Perrine at Deerwood Country Club in South Jersey. His story is cool, and one that anyone who is into EarthWorks and what we do would find interesting: About half way through our conversation Brandon exclaimed, “I tell people I use EarthWorks and they say, ‘that’s the soil spray…

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Patience is a virtue

It’s extremely rewarding to be a part of an agronomic success story at a golf course from the start. I’ve had the good fortune to experience it first hand at two different courses as a superintendent, and have followed another one right down the road from me. Jerimiah Farmer, golf course superintendent at the venerable…

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Biological Soil Management

Please take a look through our “White Papers” section where we recently published a paper entitled “Biological Soil Management Puts The Soil To Work For You.” This paper is an overview of the work that we have been dedicated to for the past thirty years. This work has helped so many clients and friends cut their days…

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Bioavailability of Nutrients

In January of 1988, Jerry Brunetti and I founded EarthWorks.  For 30 years we have built carbon-based fertility products and helped superintendents use soil testing data to make positive changes to their properties.  From the day our company started we have felt a very deep respect for the work done by soil managers.  We have…

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Soil First Foliars

At EarthWorks, we believe that the health of the soil is imperative in producing quality turf and by promoting the health of the soil, we can reduce inputs. Since the conception of EarthWorks in 1988, we’ve believed that both granular and liquid products are important tools to build a good carbon profile in the soil.…

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Sand and Nutrient Mobility

Last year, EarthWorks consulted on over 12,000 soil tests from all across the country, something we have been doing for many years now.  When one sees this much soil data, trends appear. We see how things change and how they impact the success of the people we have so much respect for.  Over the many…

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Think Dynamically

This is a story that I tell often… because it perfectly depicts how EarthWorks was built, why we do what we do, and the type of relationship Jerry Brunetti and I had from the birth of our company in the late 1980’s. To preface, from the beginning Jerry had a clear vision of why we…

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Remembering Jerry Brunetti

It is with a very heavy heart that I write of the passing of our co-founder Jerry Brunetti.  He was my mentor, my business partner of 26 years, my friend but most importantly Jerry Brunetti was my inspiration. Jerry was one of the most unique and brilliant minds of our time.  He formulated most of…

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