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Everyone is an “Organic Guy”!

I was recently invited to speak at a distributors’ meeting taking place at a golf course.  As I waited for my turn to speak, I asked the distributor if our host superintendent was using EarthWorks products.  He responded “No, he’s not an organic guy”!!!  Not an organic guy, I thought – and it really hit… Continue Reading

Fall is for Feeding … The Soil.

Just as I’m about ready to get back into the pool… Summer is over! In the turf business, fall has got to be everyone’s favorite season; it means we survived yet another tough summer.  I travel, a lot, and I see a lot of golf courses and a lot of athletic fields all over the… Continue Reading

Help Me Understand Something…

The other day a former student, an experienced superintendent and friend sent me an exasperated email that diagrammed his annual “expert” consultation meeting. It sounded like this: “Good afternoon. I just wanted to drop you a quick line. I have made a few observations this year that I would like to share. First, using Logan Labs tests and the… Continue Reading

A very tough growing year…

One very tough growing year for a lot of sections of the country which followed what I thought was one of the toughest weather years on record.  I won’t be making that statement again after the year we just went through.  Have you seen the flood pictures from Vermont?  Did you see the pictures of… Continue Reading

WOW! What year is it?

Wait, when did they invent the internet???  I feel like I’ve been taking a 15 year cyber nap!!!  OK, the EW website hasn’t been updated for a while but I promise we will keep this one at least in the twentieth century! Many thanks to my friend Peter McCormick of TurfNet fame who had to… Continue Reading

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