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Bio Vantage

Jump start your soil’s ability to produce healthy, vigorous turf

1. Urgent care for soil that is biologically weak—from extended use of pesticides and fertilizers or physical and environmental stresses

2. As a foundation of important soil biology, Rhizobacteria aids sand based or low CEC soils that are inherently biologically weak

3. Creates biological checks and balances for soil pathogens, protecting the plant and acting as an effective pro-biotic

4. Digests the most ligneous root systems and thatch build up in the root zone creating a better physical environment

5. Mobilizes nutrients through microbial breakdown especially nitrogen—improving the process of nitrification

Bio Vantage is part of a new generation of EarthWorks products that incorporate biological inoculants. This product includes Rhizobacteria along with proven plant stimulants and soil amendments to enhance the value and efficacy of the biologicals. Bio Vantage is a unique liquid organic fertilizer formulated with three distinctive sea based nutrient sources, fish and kelp meal and seawater extracts specifically designed and formulated to promote maximum biological enhancement of the Rhizobacteria package.

Bio Vantage combines this powerful plant and soil stimulant with a multistrain package of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. Our PGPR package promotes plant health by colonizing plant roots and moving into the plants intracellular spaces. The Rhizobacteria produce and exudate metabolites that regulate and jump start both microbial and plant processes. These polymicrobial PGPR’s are extremely stable and by adding them to the rich BioVantage formula significantly enhances the activity of the Rhizobacteria strains.

Bio Vantage will improve the soils ability to digest organic matter in the root zone reducing thatch, building water holding humus, providing available foodstuffs for microorganisms, which will improve nutrient mobility and provide checks and balances for pathogens.

Active Ingredients include:

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Bacillus licheniformis

Bacillus megaterium

Bacilius methylotrophicus

Bacillus subtilis


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