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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fall is for Feeding … The Soil.

Just as I’m about ready to get back into the pool… Summer is over!

In the turf business, fall has got to be everyone’s favorite season; it means we survived yet another tough summer.  I travel, a lot, and I see a lot of golf courses and a lot of athletic fields all over the country.  I talk to a lot of superintendents and a lot of sports turf managers; we discuss soils, sports, headaches, problems with the industry but mostly the weather!

The last two years the weather was not our friend and we all hoped this year would be better and… it wasn’t.  At least not much! EarthWorks turns 25 next year (stay tuned for more about that) and through all of those years the last three were the worst collection of growing weather I have ever seen.  Continue Reading

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