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Monthly Archives: July 2012

A few delinquent words on the US Open… and damn, it’s hot out there!!!

The Open was an incredible experience that I will remember a lifetime and I have to thank Pat Finlen for that. Pat is a class act and did a hell of a job on the biggest stage in golf and I say that not because of the EW that he uses (but of course that helps!) but because the Olympic Club was spectacular and Pat does an incredible job, not just for Open but every single day.

To all who bitch about “how the Open is bad golf,” “too hard,” “the golfers weren’t having fun…” all I can say is Shut Up! It is supposed to be hard; that’s the idea! One tournament a year we put the best of the best through an exceptional challenge to see how it goes and this year it went exceptionally well… with the possible exception of the jackass in the bird suit at the end, although that was fitting for San Francisco. Continue Reading

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