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The industry is talking about ‘carbon based fertility’, a term that we coined, and something that we know quite well since it’s all we’ve been doing since 1988. The reason carbon has taken a front seat is because it’s how a soil works and what makes plants grow! Golf course and sports turf superintendents as well as lawn care operators are discovering at an increasing rate the value that organics can provide their properties. When you feed the soil you feed the plant in a way that is truly sustainable.

We learned early on that our focus had to be on the “Soil First” which is why we named our consulting business Soil First Consulting and run over 10,000 soil tests for clients yearly.  By getting the soil balanced, and then building a carbon based fertility program for our clients using high quality EarthWorks products, we have helped to significantly reduce fertilizer inputs, water needs and pesticide usage.

This approach allows our clients to relax knowing that their soil will not let them down during the heat of the season.  And that is why they can focus on more important things like family and friend!

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