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We are believers in the potential of your soil.

Many of you in the turf business have come to feel the same way. Because you’ve seen how a soil-first approach creates beautiful, resilient turf. And how it makes your job easier.

In 1988, Jerry Brunetti and I founded EarthWorks. We were up against the then prevailing wisdom that you should concentrate on feeding your plants, but not your soil. So we created the Soil First Academy and Soil First Consulting to help you understand the deeper connection between your soil chemistry and the caliber of your turf.

In return, we’ve been inspired by the challenges you face, and overcome, on a regular basis. It’s led us to develop EarthWorks Replenish Dry Fertilizers and the Soil First Foliars program. They are comprehensive organic solutions that allow you to achieve more with less work, because they are biologically dynamic.

With an EarthWorks carbon based fertility program you‘ll achieve true sustainability.

For you, it means reduced inputs and greater freedom from the whims of nature. As well as greater cost predictability over the long run. For your community, it means a legacy of beautiful, natural green spaces and playing surfaces.

We promote a deeper respect. For the soil, the spaces and the people. And that respect goes deeper than any fertilizer.

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Soil First Foliars

At EarthWorks, we believe that the health of the soil is imperative in producing quality turf and by promoting the health of the soil, we can reduce inputs. Since the conception of EarthWorks in 1988, we’ve believed that both granular and liquid products are important tools to build a good carbon profile in the soil.… Continue Reading »

Books To Read

Earthworks was built in 1988 on the concept of providing significant information to our clients.  The more information we provide the more success we’ve seen in the field from superintendents of all agronomic levels. In 2013, our Logan Labs Agronomist, Bill McKibben published what I think is one of the quintessential books on the subject… Continue Reading »

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