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EarthWorks has been manufacturing organic fertilizers for the golf course, sports turf, landscape and lawn care industries since 1988.

EarthWorks is a manufacturer of dry organic fertilizers and liquid organic fertilizers.  Our organic fertilizer products have been used on top elite golf courses and sports fields in the United States and recently have been traveling overseas.  EarthWorks products have been a focus for many lawn care companies and a leader with landscape instillation and maintenance companies since 1988.


By balancing the chemistry and feeding the soil, changes can happen thus making the soil work better! For you it means reduced inputs and greater freedom from the whims of nature, as well as greater cost predictability over the long run.  For your community, it means a legacy of beautiful, natural green spaces and playing surfaces.



We promote a deeper respect.  For the soil, the landscape and the people.  And that Respect goes deeper than any fertilizer.


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Biological Soil Management

Biological Soil Management

Please take a look through our “White Papers” section where we recently published a paper entitled “Biological Soil Management Puts The Soil To Work For You.” This paper is an overview of the work that we have been dedicated to for the past thirty years. This work has helped so many clients and friends cut their days… Continue Reading »

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Earthworks was built in 1988 on the concept of providing significant information to our clients.  The more information we provide the more success we’ve seen in the field from superintendents of all agronomic levels. In 2013, our Logan Labs Agronomist, Bill McKibben published what I think is one of the quintessential books on the subject… Continue Reading »

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